The new T97NSR FTU™ (Flat Top Upper) is a CNC machined, 6061 alloy, 1913 Picatinny optics rail, firearms accessories mounting platform and protective hand guard. It was produced by the product developers at M14.ca, the OEM of the M14.ca Blackfeather "RS" rifle stock and the M14.ca CASM™ scope mount series, under the new web site: www.T97.ca. The T97.ca FTU™ is the first in a series of planned upgrades for the Norinco T97NSR bullpup rifle (a new Lower or "LHG" is due for release in Q2 2015, see forum discussion here). The FTU™ replaces the T97NSR's factory iron sights, original plastic hand guard as well as the original T97NSR charging handle with a larger, non-reciprocating charging handle (NRCH) (a reciprocating charging handle (RCH) will also be available) changing the operational dynamics of the original rifle.

     First, the FTU™ is designed to offer a lowered, secure, optically precise solution for mounting AR15-compatible, modern optics and iron sights on the T97NSR bullpup. Second, the new NRCH provides a forward locking, non-reciprocating, extended handle with an oversized grasping contour and built-in grip surface. The NRCH utilizes a built-in carrier that will stand up to side torque and hard operational use as well as provide for the smooth operation and cycling of the rifle action from the left or right side of the T97NSR. The FTU™ can be optionally fielded with a NRCH or RCH, or both.


     The FTU™ extends from the rear-most section of the top flat of the original, unaltered butt stock, to the front of the rifle behind the Gas Regulator resulting in a long, 14" length of 1913 Picatinny rail for mounting heavy scopes, red dots or iron sights. Note here that one can remove the Regulator without having to remove the optics rail. Similarly, one can clean the rifle with the FTU™ in place.

      T97.ca “FTU” Advantages Summarized:
  • Long Sight Plane
  • Lower Line of Sight
  • Non-reciprocating, Side Charging Handle
  • (Optional Side Reciprocating Charging Handle Available)
  • Oversized Charging Handle
  • Compatible with Magpul® polymer rail sections
  • Rifle Field Strip Unchanged
  • Little To No Weight Gain
  • Simple 15 Minute Installation
  • Holds Zero (Secure and Reliable Function)

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"Installed it. Looks great! Excellent fit. Very professional. Amazing work. Thank you very much."
B.K., Ontario, Canada

"I must say that I have never bought an upgrade for a firearm that has made such a huge difference and totally changed it as the FTU has. Bravo!!"
D.S., Nova Scotia, Canada

"I want to express my appreciation for your awesome product. I am not very handy, but even I was able to make the mods and install the FTU! Thank you for an excellent piece of kit."
A.J., Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to say thanks M14.ca. The FTU is an amazing upgrade to this rifle! Totally changes it. Looking forward to the lower. Thanks!!!"

"The FTU makes the T97 sexy, and the installation wasn't all that difficult. I actually had quite a bit of fun cutting off the factory irons, I never really liked them, the FTU is WAY better."

"FTU arrived this week! Big thanks to Frank! I am super happy with it, can't wait for the lower."
Mason44 via CGN
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